The gateway to the Badalona's sea

Our mission is to create experiences, adventures, laughter, stories and magical moments as a continuous party in the middle of the sea giving the possibility to practice and discover all kinds of activities to enjoy the sea in each of its forms, for ALL AGES!

We explore the coast of Badalona from a completely different perspective surrounded by sea in a unique and very fun way. All this under a real awareness of the importance of taking care of our planet, doing our bit in everything we can.They transmit the values and culture of taking care of our planet, doing beach clean-ups, talks and participating in real days / projects which aim to help in the conservation of the sea.


Our team is made up of professionals dedicated to providing one

safe and enriching experience in the water. With qualified instructors

and with a lot of experience, focused on security, with a full

knowledge of the sea and weather conditions to ensure

that every session in the water is an exciting adventure

and memorable for all participants.


Espaimar is the sailing school of the Badalona Swimming Club located in the old fishermen's market of the city.


* Chill-Out Indoor and Outdoor
* Outdoor space with sun and shade picnic tables
* Changing rooms (Showers and lockers)
* Space to store wetsuits (subscribers)
* Multifunctional room equipped with a screen (classroom, coworking space, space for workshops / presentations / meetings etc.)



How can I keep up with everything you do? 

We mainly use Whatsapp groups as our main channel of 
communication where we send the state of the sea every day, forecasts and 
weekly activities Ask us at 633705185. 

And to see everything that happens in Espaimar you can do it on Instagram: @espaimar_cnb.